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Good tutorial sites for HTML, HTML5, CSS, jQuery

There are a zillion sites out there offering free tutorials, but many are pure junk. So here are a few that I recommend, in no particular order:

And some handy lists of many recent tutorials:

If you know of any others, please leave a comment.

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  1. mikewhills says:

    Handy list Mindy, thanks! A few more useful sites:

    Treehouse – tutorial site similar to Codecademy

    Stack Overflow – Q&A site where pretty much every problem you could have has already been solved and documented

    Google Developers – unsurprisingly Google have some great documentation for things like Fusion Tables and Maps

  2. Thanks, Mike! I’m very familiar with Stack Overflow – I’ve had so many questions answered there.

    Treehouse is new to me.

    The Fusion Tables tutorials at Google are great. Thanks for adding that.

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