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Multimedia Reporting: Assignments

These come from a basic tools course for beginning journalism students. They may be copied and adapted by trainers and journalism educators.

Audio 1 Part 1: Gathering audio — a simple interview

Audio 1 Part 2: Editing audio — the first time

Multitrack Audio Exercise: Practice

Audio 2 Part 1: Interview with nat sound

Audio 2 Part 2: Edit an interview and nat sound on multiple tracks

Soundslides Part 1: Practice shooting photos

Soundslides Part 2: Gather all assets for an audio slideshow

Soundslides Part 3: Edit the best photos

Soundslides Part 4: Put the whole audio slideshow together

Video Part 1: Practice shooting shots for a sequence.

Video Part 2: Edit a video sequence.

Video Part 3: Shoot B-roll and an interview for a journalistic story.

Video Part 4: Edit a journalistic story.