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JavaScript Console in Chrome

For testing things quickly in JavaScript, open the JavaScript Console in the Google Chrome browser. View menu > Developer > JavaScript Console.

You’ll see the console at the bottom of the current page.

The console gives you a command line so you can test short pieces of code to see what they do.

If you want to use the console as a stand-alone window, undock it with the button in the lower left corner.

You can keep the window open for quick access while you’re learning JavaScript.

Baby Steps in Data Journalism

This is a Tumblr blog that I started in early April 2012:

Baby Steps in Data Journalism

Its purpose is to collect links and other useful information related to learning about data journalism.

To go directly to something you might be searching for, try these links:

How I installed Python (April 2012): Mac OS

A review of basic Unix commands:

  1. Baby Steps in Unix/Linux Part 1: Listing
  2. Baby Steps in Unix/Linux Part 2: Change Directories
  3. Baby Steps in Unix/Linux Part 3: Your Home Directory

Major categories so far:

Other tagged categories:

Eventually I will organize some of this material into new sections here at Journalists’ Toolkit. But for the near future, it’s all at the “Baby Steps” site.

HTML and CSS resources updated

Most journalists do not need to become code jockeys — but it can be quite useful to know the basics of the language of the Web: HTML. It’s not hard at all to learn a few basic tags, and with those few you can have the ability to create and format hyperlinks, fix silly errors in a CMS in the newsroom, and understand the underpinnings of a technology you use every day.

I have updated the HTML and CSS Resources page here, with an eye toward keeping it short and simple.

Why not take a moment to look under the hood and see the engine of the Web? Oh, and I have some links to get you up to speed on HTML5 and CSS3 too.