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HTML and CSS templates for learning, teaching

I have made a GitHub repo containing HTML and CSS templates for beginners.

An entire GitHub repo can be downloaded by clicking the “Download ZIP” button on the right-hand side of the main page.

As a teacher, I find it’s very handy to have files ready to open and show to students who are having trouble with one aspect of CSS or HTML. I show them the code, we talk about it, they usually get a clearer idea of how it works. But digging around for files on my hard drive is time-consuming and not always successful. Writing a new stylesheet from scratch takes time.

So this collection of simple problem-solving (and problem-illustrating) files will be useful to me in many situations. You can use it too.

Baby Steps in Data Journalism

This is a Tumblr blog that I started in early April 2012:

Baby Steps in Data Journalism

Its purpose is to collect links and other useful information related to learning about data journalism.

To go directly to something you might be searching for, try these links:

How I installed Python (April 2012): Mac OS

A review of basic Unix commands:

  1. Baby Steps in Unix/Linux Part 1: Listing
  2. Baby Steps in Unix/Linux Part 2: Change Directories
  3. Baby Steps in Unix/Linux Part 3: Your Home Directory

Major categories so far:

Other tagged categories:

Eventually I will organize some of this material into new sections here at Journalists’ Toolkit. But for the near future, it’s all at the “Baby Steps” site.